Friday, March 2, 2012

March is National Craft Month

Hey there, crafty friends!  Another brand-spanking-new month is upon us, and I just realized that this one is important to our dear club- it's National Craft Month!

So dust off your knitting needles and paper stacks, and let's get crafting!

There are numerous challenges, crops, and project ideas going on in the craft circuit to inspire even the most uninspired crafter of late.  Here are a few to get you started:

I know we usually call upon you to post what you are working on, but this time, I think we should talk about something you saw someone else working on!  Did you see someone painting in the streets?  Did someone's copy project catch your eye?  Is a friend undertaking an enormous project with such vehemence and determination that you can't wait to see the conclusion?  

Tell us about it!  

Link us to their blog, or where they found the idea, or the charity they are donating to!  

We love to hear about the projects going on, and might even be able to lend a hand!

Club points apply as usual for any participants in this SUPER EASY monthly challenge!

(Oh, if there was any question, Cole is the uncontested winner of January's challenge - Thanks for participating, Cole!  Let us know which prize option you want!)

And, as always, 

Happy Crafting!

Crafty Saffy

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  1. grab-bag sounds like fun :)

    I attended a Gamer Convention last month was ECSTATIC to see that not one, but two shops were making and selling crocheted items (and even better, things /I/ can make). Crochet Beholders (AKA Eye Beasts) and dragons and Mini Cthulhus! All things I have patterns for but have been too scared to try. One of them is on etsy, if you care to look them up NeedleForge is my inspiration!