Monday, August 1, 2011

August Challenge

Hello crafters!

Recently we had a fantastic club meeting where Boho Rose demonstrated making Fascinators, and the place was a frenzy of felt, feathers, and glue sticks!  For those of you who didn't join the fun, fascinators are headpieces often worn in place of a hat or headband.  They typically clip into place, and can be anything- mini hats, flowers and veil, feathers- you name it!  They are very popular to wear to horse races and as wedding veils.

So with all this "fascination" going on, we were thinking this month's challenge should be:

What Fascinates You?

Just post a comment talking about what craft, tool, supply, or technique fascinates you, and if possible share a link so we can see what you mean!

We'll be giving club points to everyone who participates this month, so make sure to post!  (And of course, "Committed Crafters" still get double points!)

Can't wait to hear what fascinates you!


  1. I love my I-rock gem setting tool. linda with cropstop

  2. That's great, Linda! Do you have any samples we can see?

  3. Sorry, got lost in the world, forgot about this site when I was so focused on the fb one. I took a few people to the park and taught them some basic crochet this month. Then I made my first unicorn hat, with a mane and everything! Also made Rose's fox hat, finally. Used a new technique I'd read about to make it furry. looks very cute!