Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June Challenge: Die Cuts!

So many exciting things have happend for our little club lately! We got more members! And were able to successfully blend in with another group that meets monthly. It's been a challenge trying to do everything so it's wonderful to have some official help :)

That said, this month's challenge is DIE CUTS!

So what's a die cut? Hopefully some of you crazy crafters know this already ;) Essentially a die cut is any shape that has been cut out using a die, which often works like a cookie cutter. There are several die cutting machines on the market, some are electronic and use a catridge or computer program to send the cutting template to the cutting machine. Other die cutting machines are people powered and use a crank or rolling machine to push a die through the machine and cut or emboss it. Since there are so many die cutting machines on the market so I won't go into all of them.

Several members of our club have Cricuts, a type of electronic die cutter. At our next event we will be teaching a Cricut class. We will be creating die cuts to embellish pages, playing with the different features, and exploring new ways of using the die cutting machine to do things like create vinyl wall art, acrylic stamps and maybe even engrave metal! The event is open to all crafters in the Northern Colorado area, not the rest of you aren't invited but it might not be worth the drive ;) Find us on Facebook to see the event details!

To go along with our class we decided that the challenge this month is to incorporate die cuts into your crafty projects. If you don't own a die cutting machine, or can borrow a friends, there are plenty of die cuts available at craft stores usually with the stickers. Die cuts can be wooden, fabric, paper, vinyl, you name it!

As always I'm happy with any type of participation! But let's see who can rise to meet the challenge!

Also, the club has changed how we do prizes. So this month there will be no prizes :( BUT we will be awarding club points / dollars, haven't decided what to call them yet. You will be able to redeem your points in our club "store" and purchase prizes. Again at no cost to you, to earn club points/dollars all you have to do is comment and participate!

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  1. I finally used the gecko die-cuts we made a few months ago! Here is my project: