Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Challenge

Hello my crazies! mwahahaha 

... ok that sounds a little evil, but then again I am THE Head Crazie ;)

Ok, I'll try again ...

Welcome to the MAY Challenge! I'm excited today because it seems Spring is blooming full of new possibilities and fresh spring energy growing in every thing around me. The Crazy Crafters Club has been a pet project, sometimes it felt more like a pet rock ... dragging it heavily along with me determined to make a real pet of it.

I've had phenomenal help from Miss Crafty Saffy, she's been my right hand and my left and whenever I run out of wind she's there to pick up the slack. She's my partner in crime, my Lt Master Mind and well ... my cell mate in the craziness of trying to run this club. (I'll quit tooting her horn now ;) I know it most bore you all ... lol)

Well if you've been following, we just finished our first ever craft show as a group. We attended the Inagural Operation Rescrap, where we had a table to showcase the club and support our members by selling their art & projects. We spent a lot of time talking to people and trying to get them excited about creating and to play along. Because what fun is having a club if no one ever wants to play with us : (

So I'm excited for fresh energy! Our local club (yes that's right there's a local one! If you're in Northern Colorado & want to meet in person shoot us a message on Facebook!) ... so our local club is getting some fresh energy and Miss Crafty Saffy and I are getting some help ... well some more crazies to help us in our crazy schemes to take over the planet and force everyone to create fantastic creations! mwahahaa ... oops there's that craziness again!

So with new energy comes new direction, new possibilities, so why not start May off with something NEW!

Here's the rules of this challenge:

Do something NEW! Find some new inspirations, try a new medium, do something outside your normal comfort zones. The biggest rule here is you must DO something and it must be NEW!

So leave a comment, share a picture, write a story, or maybe even make your first post here ever! And for everyone that leaves a comment you'll be entered into our monthly prize drawing.

Again if you're new the way this works is you get one entry for every post of participation in the challenge. If you're a Committed Crafter you get 2 entries for every post of participation. At the end of the month my brain enters that dark dreaded area of my logical mind to do some calculating and a winner is chosen!

Hope to see some new faces or at least some of you old ones again :)

Good luck being bold and brave and trying new things!


  1. hmmm, I need some help with this one. I've done cross stitch, crochet, knit, scrapping, beading, jewelry making, lousy quilter and sewer in general...Anyone tat? Or have another suggestion I could I try?

  2. Well it could be new stitch to try or a different kind of yarn even. Or even a new perspective!

  3. Here's my new project! What fun I had making a circle album as a school project!

    Thanks for this great challenge, Rose!

  4. I went to Rose's circle album class. Had a good time. /s/Linda Volunter Consultant for Crop Stop

  5. I've done lots of new things this month! I've taught a class outside of my home, I've done tons of networking with other artists. AND I finally figured out how to use Sure Cuts A Lot software, which I've owned for months :) What else? Oh, I donated some of my artwork to a silent auction fundraiser.

    Now ... what have the rest of you done?? lol