Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter & Operation Rescrap Recap

First, Happy Easter everyone!

Operation Rescrap drew to a close last night. It was a great experience. For many of us it was our first time attending an event like this as a vendor/exhibitor. We had a good experience and hope that there will be more opportunities.

We met lots of new people and talked to lots of artisans and crafters. Hopefully we'll see some new faces here soon :)

There's room for artisans of every medium here! Like I told the many people that I had the opportunity to chat with, our goal is to encourage people to be creative. Creativity is an often over looked skill but for people like me and people like you, it's a skill we need to thrive. Creativity gives me an outlet for the ever expanding dream world inside me. It gives me a sense of wholeness and completion. And I hope to help other people find their inner artisan too!

We're trying to create a community of supportive artisans to encourage, inspire and motivate each other. We love participation ... and if all you have time for is a comment here and there well at least it's a start! If you're new and eager and want to get involved we always have need of volunteers. Just message one of us or leave a comment here. We'd love to let you get involved!!

And on that note I'm off to enjoy the kids left over Easter candy and unwind in front of the television :)

P.S. HUGE Thanks to EVERYONE that helped us with the show, that came out and supported us, that were kind enough to listen to us and show interest in our little group. We <3 you!


  1. On Saturday they held "Girl Fest" on the other side of the building from Rescrap. I wandered the area and talked to a few ladies there. One was telling me that we were the inspirations, the creative ones; that they just sell premade items. I told her, for me at least, they inspire us to create as well. I love browsing the items they have and often think "how could I do this" and "could I make it better". If nothing else, it made us both feel good knowing something we enjoy is admired by at least one other.

  2. I am so glad we got this opportunity to represent our little club out in the community! I too talked with a lot of people who were interested in finding creative inspiration and an outlet for sharing projects, so I hope to see some of them appear in our next challenge! We have such an amazing and talented group and I am honored to be a part of it! I also want to thank everyone who helped make this possible- from donating items to show/sell, to helping cover the booth- we couldn't have done it without everyone's contributions!