Friday, April 1, 2011

April Challenge

April has turned out to be quite the crazy little month! As many of our clubbies know we are preparing for a craft show Easter Weekend. We're making mini album kits to sell and raise money for the club prize fund. If you have any HANDMADE items you would like to donate to the club for us to sell please message us!

In the meantime what have you lovelies been up to? What's keeping you busy?

And if you're not terribly busy Easter weekend (April 21-23) stop by and see us at Operation Rescrap!

If you post a comment here AND see us at the show we'll give you something special ;)


  1. Thought I'd post a comment just to let you know I stopped in... =) Can't make it to the show, but hope you sell LOTS of stuff. Happy Easter! =)