Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Challenge

I had this post all set up to auto post ... but apparently it didn't! So I apologize it's a little late but you still have a few weeks left to play along!

February is here & Valentine's is around the corner. If you're making Valentine's projects then show us what you've made. If you're not making anything then tell us what you love. Stamps, paper, inks, tools, tips, tutorials. Anything you love as long as it's somehow craft related!

Comment on this topic now through the end of February & you will recieve this Artist Trading Card mini album kit. March's challenge will be to make and trade your Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) as well as a little more information about ATCs for those that don't know. Your album kit will make storing and displaying your ATC's simple.

Your kit will include all the materials necessary to make the mini album as well as 8 playing cards to make your ATCs. Kits will vary in color and patterns so no two people will get the exact same kit. Kits do not contain embellishments or papers to decorate your ATCs, the kit contains only the supplies necessary to create the album.


Sample ATC Display album


  1. Right on! Hooray for the exciting line-up!

    I love all things crafty- especially crisp new pads of design paper stock that make me "ooh" and "ah" every time I flip through the pages... I love the success after a trying project, knowing that my perseverance (or eventual come-back-to-it-ness) has paid off... and I love that we have a club here to share it all with! =)

    Did I miss the post on who won last month's challenge? I shall go looking.

  2. I made all sorts of fun little things my daycare kiddos. I used my wonderful animal stamps to do "I'm bananas about you" invitations and "you're elephantastic" cards for the parents, we made coffee filter flowers (very pretty bouquet), tissue paper 'stained glass' hearts, glitter hearts, and cupcakes of course.

  3. We made "I'm bananas about you" valentines cards for Dylan's class. And I helped Beth make Valentines for her class. As much as I love them ... that was stressful! lol 48 Valentines cards in one night!

    I LOVE all kinds of crafty things! I love trying out new techniques. I love sharing my joy of creating with others & above all that's what all my classes, parties and even this club is about :)

  4. I love when you do a gift craft and give it to a person and they really love it. I do big projects. I am working on a big wedding album for a friend. Also, some cards along the way.

  5. I LOVE to make things for gifts for other people. There is something about using the gifts of your creativity, talent, ingenuity, hands and mind to make something for someone else. It is a win-win situation because you are gifting your gifts via a gift that you made which is a gift to you that you are able to do! I know what I mean - hopefully you will be able to distill that gibberish so you know what I mean!!;0)

  6. I made Chad a Vday card that I keep forgetting to get from Rose's house! lol

    I love anything that is sparklely and shiny. I love making people smile when I tell them "Here I made this for you! :)"

  7. I love all kinds of things that are crafty. I like to stamp things and then color them in with different mediums. (colored pencil, marker, crayon and ink) I also enjoying making collages with different cut outs and stickers. :)