Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

This is a time of reflection on the past year; on things we enjoyed or regret, on friends we made or lost, and on other changes in our lives, for the better or worse.  As we try to recall all of the highs and lows of the great expanse of time that has been 2011, it is also a time to consider goals for 2012.

Here at “CCC Central” there have been a lot of changes over the last year, but we have tried to keep the club fun and interactive, and hopefully we have been able to inspire some new projects.  We have really enjoyed seeing the ones you’ve all shared with us, and hope to see more exciting samples of your amazing creativity in the year to come!


Some people make resolutions.  Some people set goals.  Some people continue on without any retrospection (but we know you’re not like that!)  Whatever you call it, we hope you will have positive growth in your creative pursuits, and share it all with us here!

With all this reflection and goal setting already happening, your challenge is simple- we want to know 2 things:

Tell us (1) about something that inspired your creativity in 2011, and (2) what projects or crafts you would like to work on or learn about in 2012.

Just post a comment replying to this here or on the Facebook link to this post to enter! 

We had talked about starting club points, and I think that the changing of a year is as good a time as any!  Over the next few weeks we will be setting up the points system, but for participation in this challenge you can choose your prize:

  • 2012 Chipboard Calendar Kit 
    • (includes the month grids, spiral bound chipboard book and easel back stand) 
  • Club points to be used later for fabulous prizes 
    • (As we set up the points system we will determine how many points this gives you)
  • Something from the grab-bag 
    • (This is a mystery prize selected from the prize items we have been collecting- don’t worry, we try to pick something we think you will use!)

Committed Crafters always get double entries in challenges!  This month that means 2 times the prizes!  If you are a Committed Crafter, you get to choose 2 from the prize list!  Need an extra Calendar Kit?  Get 2!  Want the Calendar Kit and something from the grab bag?  You can!

If you are not a Committed Crafter, you can join any time- just click here to find out more!

Wishing you all a Safe & Creative New Year!

Crafty Saffy & Boho Rose

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Get into the Action on FB

Hello friends! 

You might have noticed it has been quiet here on our website the last few months...  well, we have been focusing more on our Facebook page to keep creative conversations going!

If you've been missing out, find us on Facebook in one of 3 ways:

  1. Use the link on the right side of this page ------------------------------------>
  2. Follow this link:
  3. Search "Crazy Crafters Club" in the Facebook search field (but I think there might be another group out there with the same name, so make sure it is the one in Loveland, CO!)

We want to make sure you don't miss out on all the action!  Crafty Saffy has been posting a daily holiday countdown with holiday craft ideas that will continue until the new year!  And of course the rest of the gang has been sharing their wonderful projects and inspiration, so come on by!

Monday, August 1, 2011

August Challenge

Hello crafters!

Recently we had a fantastic club meeting where Boho Rose demonstrated making Fascinators, and the place was a frenzy of felt, feathers, and glue sticks!  For those of you who didn't join the fun, fascinators are headpieces often worn in place of a hat or headband.  They typically clip into place, and can be anything- mini hats, flowers and veil, feathers- you name it!  They are very popular to wear to horse races and as wedding veils.

So with all this "fascination" going on, we were thinking this month's challenge should be:

What Fascinates You?

Just post a comment talking about what craft, tool, supply, or technique fascinates you, and if possible share a link so we can see what you mean!

We'll be giving club points to everyone who participates this month, so make sure to post!  (And of course, "Committed Crafters" still get double points!)

Can't wait to hear what fascinates you!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June Challenge: Die Cuts!

So many exciting things have happend for our little club lately! We got more members! And were able to successfully blend in with another group that meets monthly. It's been a challenge trying to do everything so it's wonderful to have some official help :)

That said, this month's challenge is DIE CUTS!

So what's a die cut? Hopefully some of you crazy crafters know this already ;) Essentially a die cut is any shape that has been cut out using a die, which often works like a cookie cutter. There are several die cutting machines on the market, some are electronic and use a catridge or computer program to send the cutting template to the cutting machine. Other die cutting machines are people powered and use a crank or rolling machine to push a die through the machine and cut or emboss it. Since there are so many die cutting machines on the market so I won't go into all of them.

Several members of our club have Cricuts, a type of electronic die cutter. At our next event we will be teaching a Cricut class. We will be creating die cuts to embellish pages, playing with the different features, and exploring new ways of using the die cutting machine to do things like create vinyl wall art, acrylic stamps and maybe even engrave metal! The event is open to all crafters in the Northern Colorado area, not the rest of you aren't invited but it might not be worth the drive ;) Find us on Facebook to see the event details!

To go along with our class we decided that the challenge this month is to incorporate die cuts into your crafty projects. If you don't own a die cutting machine, or can borrow a friends, there are plenty of die cuts available at craft stores usually with the stickers. Die cuts can be wooden, fabric, paper, vinyl, you name it!

As always I'm happy with any type of participation! But let's see who can rise to meet the challenge!

Also, the club has changed how we do prizes. So this month there will be no prizes :( BUT we will be awarding club points / dollars, haven't decided what to call them yet. You will be able to redeem your points in our club "store" and purchase prizes. Again at no cost to you, to earn club points/dollars all you have to do is comment and participate!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Challenge

Hello my crazies! mwahahaha 

... ok that sounds a little evil, but then again I am THE Head Crazie ;)

Ok, I'll try again ...

Welcome to the MAY Challenge! I'm excited today because it seems Spring is blooming full of new possibilities and fresh spring energy growing in every thing around me. The Crazy Crafters Club has been a pet project, sometimes it felt more like a pet rock ... dragging it heavily along with me determined to make a real pet of it.

I've had phenomenal help from Miss Crafty Saffy, she's been my right hand and my left and whenever I run out of wind she's there to pick up the slack. She's my partner in crime, my Lt Master Mind and well ... my cell mate in the craziness of trying to run this club. (I'll quit tooting her horn now ;) I know it most bore you all ... lol)

Well if you've been following, we just finished our first ever craft show as a group. We attended the Inagural Operation Rescrap, where we had a table to showcase the club and support our members by selling their art & projects. We spent a lot of time talking to people and trying to get them excited about creating and to play along. Because what fun is having a club if no one ever wants to play with us : (

So I'm excited for fresh energy! Our local club (yes that's right there's a local one! If you're in Northern Colorado & want to meet in person shoot us a message on Facebook!) ... so our local club is getting some fresh energy and Miss Crafty Saffy and I are getting some help ... well some more crazies to help us in our crazy schemes to take over the planet and force everyone to create fantastic creations! mwahahaa ... oops there's that craziness again!

So with new energy comes new direction, new possibilities, so why not start May off with something NEW!

Here's the rules of this challenge:

Do something NEW! Find some new inspirations, try a new medium, do something outside your normal comfort zones. The biggest rule here is you must DO something and it must be NEW!

So leave a comment, share a picture, write a story, or maybe even make your first post here ever! And for everyone that leaves a comment you'll be entered into our monthly prize drawing.

Again if you're new the way this works is you get one entry for every post of participation in the challenge. If you're a Committed Crafter you get 2 entries for every post of participation. At the end of the month my brain enters that dark dreaded area of my logical mind to do some calculating and a winner is chosen!

Hope to see some new faces or at least some of you old ones again :)

Good luck being bold and brave and trying new things!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter & Operation Rescrap Recap

First, Happy Easter everyone!

Operation Rescrap drew to a close last night. It was a great experience. For many of us it was our first time attending an event like this as a vendor/exhibitor. We had a good experience and hope that there will be more opportunities.

We met lots of new people and talked to lots of artisans and crafters. Hopefully we'll see some new faces here soon :)

There's room for artisans of every medium here! Like I told the many people that I had the opportunity to chat with, our goal is to encourage people to be creative. Creativity is an often over looked skill but for people like me and people like you, it's a skill we need to thrive. Creativity gives me an outlet for the ever expanding dream world inside me. It gives me a sense of wholeness and completion. And I hope to help other people find their inner artisan too!

We're trying to create a community of supportive artisans to encourage, inspire and motivate each other. We love participation ... and if all you have time for is a comment here and there well at least it's a start! If you're new and eager and want to get involved we always have need of volunteers. Just message one of us or leave a comment here. We'd love to let you get involved!!

And on that note I'm off to enjoy the kids left over Easter candy and unwind in front of the television :)

P.S. HUGE Thanks to EVERYONE that helped us with the show, that came out and supported us, that were kind enough to listen to us and show interest in our little group. We <3 you!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Operation ReScrap- Day 1

We had a great opening night at Operation ReScrap!  This is such a great opportunity for our club to get new participants and show off some of the fun stuff we've made- and we've gotten a lot of compliments so far!

Operation ReScrap is going on through Saturday evening out at the Ranch here in Loveland.  We'd love to see you, so drop by and say "hi!"

The Ranch, Loveland, Co.
April 21-23, 2011

Thursday 5pm-9pm
Friday 9am-7pm
Saturday 9am-3pm

And for those new friends we met tonight, welcome!  We look forward to sharing crafts, ideas, and encouragement!

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Challenge

April has turned out to be quite the crazy little month! As many of our clubbies know we are preparing for a craft show Easter Weekend. We're making mini album kits to sell and raise money for the club prize fund. If you have any HANDMADE items you would like to donate to the club for us to sell please message us!

In the meantime what have you lovelies been up to? What's keeping you busy?

And if you're not terribly busy Easter weekend (April 21-23) stop by and see us at Operation Rescrap!

If you post a comment here AND see us at the show we'll give you something special ;)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Challenge

I figured for March we'd try something a little different. A lot of us make cards, or scrapbooks, or other non paper crafts. But what we sometimes forget is that deep inside we are all artists, longing to express ourselves or create beauty and function in one medium or another.

Artist Trading Cards are miniature works of art, typically sized at 2 ½ X 3 ½ inches, or the size of a playing card. They are original, self produced works of art. Though meant to be traded amongst other artists, trading cards can be created as focal points in other mixed media projects as well. Trading cards can be made of paper with stamps and embellishments, they can be paintings or drawings, they can be miniature digital prints, or even miniature quilts. There are no rules to trading cards except for the size!

Your challenge this month is to find small ways to let your inner artist out. Challenge yourself to make at least one artist trading card. Make more if you enjoy it. If you want to trade with other crafter's feel free to post a comment and we'll trade!

Whatever you chose to do .... chose to challenge yourself to be more creative!

To get you started here's a set of 8 trading cards I made to go with the sample ATC album last month. And if you played last month to get your kit, then you also got 2 ATC's made by me to inspire you for this challenge!

For more information about Artist Trading Cards:

For inspiration & to browse other ATCs to get more ideas visit this link:

And if you're too lazy to make a teeny tiny work of art ... then at least give us a comment with a good reason ;) At least participate ... pretty please!

This month has no prize or giveaway :(  However, I'll give each person that leaves a comment an ATC made by me on the condition that they have to give me an ATC made by them in return! And if you still can't quit making ATC's then maybe we can arrange a  group swap :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Challenge

I had this post all set up to auto post ... but apparently it didn't! So I apologize it's a little late but you still have a few weeks left to play along!

February is here & Valentine's is around the corner. If you're making Valentine's projects then show us what you've made. If you're not making anything then tell us what you love. Stamps, paper, inks, tools, tips, tutorials. Anything you love as long as it's somehow craft related!

Comment on this topic now through the end of February & you will recieve this Artist Trading Card mini album kit. March's challenge will be to make and trade your Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) as well as a little more information about ATCs for those that don't know. Your album kit will make storing and displaying your ATC's simple.

Your kit will include all the materials necessary to make the mini album as well as 8 playing cards to make your ATCs. Kits will vary in color and patterns so no two people will get the exact same kit. Kits do not contain embellishments or papers to decorate your ATCs, the kit contains only the supplies necessary to create the album.


Sample ATC Display album

Monday, January 3, 2011

January Challenge

It's a new year and that means it's time for resolutions! This month you don't have to make anything but effort. Tell us your top resolutions and your plan for putting it into action.

One of my resolution is to follow through with my commitments ... like the Club! To get started in the new direction I'm preparing posts in advance and will be preparing more crops, tutorials and finish our swap!

Now tell us what's your resolution for the new year! One lucky member will receive a free Close To My Heart How-To Book, of their choice, to jump start their creativity for 2011!