Thursday, December 2, 2010

Colors of Winter Projects

Well, December is here, and those of us who were supposed to be helping to motivate the group have been in need of some motivation ourselves!

Thank you and congratulations to NickeyCole, who posted in October's Free-for-all challenge about some projects she's been working on!  Rose will be in touch with you to get you your prize pack!

I seem to find more inspiration in wintertime than the rest of the year.  If you visit my blog, you will see some of the projects I have been coming up with this past week as I have been trying to organize all of my supplies.  But something I have been thinking about this morning is color schemes for the holidays.  Long gone is the standard red and green, being replaced by pale blue and white, or green, ivory, and gold.  But it doesn't stop there!

I want to know the craziest, oddest, most unusual color combination you have seen for a winter holiday project- it can be in advertising, crafts, horrible sweaters, whatever!  Just post a comment telling about the colors, and if possible, list a link so we can see what you mean!

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  1. Okay, I surfed the web and was so taken my this idea... LOL Basically it tells how to do a NEON Christmas tree, including the black lights and painting the ornaments in neon colors, etc.

    Nothing says "traditional" like neon orange, etc. LOL =)

  2. Hmmm...which neon tree should be use?,r:19,s:701&tx=100&ty=100

  3. Ok I don't get this look really, but it was on a friends holiday wish list. It looks to me like someone made fingerless gloves (elbow length) and then treated shoelaces through it. It would be more interesting I think if they had some sort of pattern to the laces...I hope you see what I mean ->

  4. I have to say the neon is definitely the most unusual, not my taste at all!!

  5. I'm not sure if this would still count but I would love it, if I had a chance to get your beautiful calendar kit.

    Well, one of the most amazing combinations I have seen has been black and gold. I think lime green is truly odd.