Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pre-Challenge Giveaway

Well folks, we kind of fell off the motivation wagon there for a bit.  For me, as the weather got nicer, I felt less and less like working with paper!  Whatever free time I have found these last weeks I have tried to spend on the garden.  While it was great to feel the dirt in my fingernails again after a long hard winter, I think it is now time to get the crafts out again.  What say you, dear crafters?

So here it is, already a week into June, I haven't even changed my craft calendar over from May yet.  Not a great way to help motivate others, now, is it?  I will tear down the cobwebs and turn the calendar page to get organized again, and in the mean time I want to see what you have been working on of late!

Post links through the linky below, or leave a comment.  
I will be giving away a special prize to a random submitter
(and remember- you can earn double submission points as a "Committed Crafter"!)  
Drawing will be held when June AUGUST challenges are posted, so get ready!

~Crafty Saffy


  1. What have I been doing this summer? Mostly working on my Breast Cancer Journey Scrapbook, but have also made cards for various people. A friend is teaching me to make flowers (very pretty). Need to get more motivated to start working on more projects. :)

  2. Tonya- Thanks for posting! Sounds like you have some great meaningful projects going on! Did you see our paper flowers post from a few months ago? There were some fun resources for different types of flowers. We'd love to see some of your flowers and cards! =)