Saturday, May 1, 2010

Weekly Check In: Week 4 of April

It's Saturday again! That means it's check-in time again. So what have you crazies been up to this week?

Anyone wanna share some pics of the circle journals being passed around? Done any other fun stuff you want to share? We love to see your comments & if you post a link we'll come comment on your blog too!

This week I finished a few challenges. Been waiting on the next circle journal to come round my way. Later tonight or tomorrow I'll be making a Mother's Day Card.

And it's National Scrapbooking Day! Tons of challenges all over the crafty-web if you feel up to participating. And I'll be posting our May Challenges as well as announcing the April winner later this evening!

happy crafting
~ Boho Rose


  1. Did quite a few projects for class this week. Had to design and draw a daycare center (6 weeks to 5 years) including playgrounds. Lot of work for 20 points. But I need those 20 points. I also did my "family" computer sketch and a faux stitch project for the challenges. Made a baby shower card, played with some new stamps and inks, and picked up some materials for other books I'm planning. I can't wait for my last week of class to end and to get my next circle journal!

  2. I will just leave a comment for now but I put binding on 2 blankets one I am almost finish redoing for the secont time /c I totally messed it up! and I still have one more blanket to to it to as well. but I has a method now so the last one will be much easier! I also made tiny hats on monday with Rose for Ash's CJ now I just need to print my pics and puth the pages together. I spent quite a bit of my time this week reaserching my parts for aour ritual Beltane. Today I made some flower wreaths for our Beltane ritual.