Saturday, May 22, 2010

Weekly Check In: Week 3 of May

Hello Crafty Pals! What's new in your happy crafting land?


  1. Is it really that day again? If feels like just yesterday (or maybe a week ago) that we were checking in last!

    I got to spend the day painting pottery with one of my dearest friends today- it was so relaxing and grounding, it made me realize just how much I miss that medium!

    I am getting excited about the crafting time set aside for tomorrow @ the Crop Stop so I can work on my current Circle Journal- I might just get ahead of the game this month!

  2. My creativity has been coming to me in ways other than arts and crafts this week. Words mostly. I've had a lot of wonderful talks, written some interesting blogs and letters, and come up with home improvement projects to do. Like sanding a table with Lindsay to maybe paint or stain for her craft work.