Saturday, May 15, 2010

Weekly Check In: Week 2 of May

Saturday again! Any neat crafts or general creative-ness this week?


  1. I've been pouring over idea mags and books and web galleries for baby cards- have 1 baby girl and 1 unknown on the way (no, not me, my neighbors!) and this is totally new territory for me! wish me luck! (will blog them once i come up with something fun!)

  2. I've got some stamps you can borrow, it's more of a Baby Shower card making stamp set, but it's got a cute mommy stamp. It's baby fever right now....course I work in daycare so I see lots of baby bumps. (At times it's hard not to be bitter :P)

    I'm still waiting to get my next circle journal - really not a rush, June. Thinking about craft projects for the kids to do at work next month, and maybe starting or continuing a cross-stitch project. Enjoying some lazy time to just endulge myself for a bit.

  3. Nice! I have rounded up a couple of "baby" stamp sets, but I found the most adorable card ideas on Splitcoast, most net even needing stamps- will definitely blog them when I get done. Also found the absolute cutest little baby gift idea ever, courtesy of Martha and her team of craft elves... hehe, you will have to wait to see!!!

    Afraid I have fallen behind in the circle myself, perhaps we should all check in on the discussion page on FB so Rose knows who to pester! ;)