Saturday, April 24, 2010

Weekly Check In: Week 3 of April

It's that time of the week again! Time to check in! We still don't have much participation yet :( Drag your friends here, even if they're not slacker-ly like we are. We'd just like to see people play along.

So here's a little of what I've been up to this week:

Let's see ... I finished a set of 15 Artist Trading Cards for the Bombshell Stamps Design Team Swap ... and since I'm Ms. August 2010 I got to play along!

15 cards were a lot to make! I had some help last week from the lovely AND talented NickyCole coloring and cutting out all the bombshells, hats & cauldrons. So this week was assembly week! Sadly I screwed up a few of the stamped images and had to make more :( I'm really happy with how they turned out ... cute, sassy & wicked!

I made a card for the Bombshell Forums Monthly Challenge. The card fits two challenges. The sketch challenged called for some triangles and the other challenge was to create your own pattern/design paper. Since I felt like I was falling behind on my monthly to-do list I decided to combine the 2 challenges into one! And Voila! A pretty groovy card if I do say so myself!

And yesterday I started working on a Mini-Album for my Mom on Mother's Day. During our usual lunch time conversations Mom mentioned that she wish someone would tell her how amazing she was .. (she was jealous because I'd just got done telling her that someone had told me I was amazing! haha). So I thought what better way to show her than with a little book of love made by me.

This morning I thought out what I wanted in the book, scoured old albums for photos and then did a layout sketch. I've never done a scrapbook before so I wanted to keep my thoughts organized, a sketch is a great way to do that! And yes I tend to make sketches of my cards before I create them too.

I happened to already have a mini-chipboard album at home. Found some paper I liked and spent the evening gluing pages in for my backgrounds, trimming them to size, and accenting them with a gold paint pen. As you can see I still have some more work to do with the painting!

And did I mention I also had a nasty virus and was bedridden most of the week! lol I don't feel so bad for spending 4 days in bed now that I've got so many things cleaned off my crafty lil plate!

Well folks that's all I've got for ya this week. So how about you? What have you been up to? Anything fun and exciting? I'm so desperate to know that I don't even care if it's craft related! hehe


  1. I have been making a banner for our Neo Highland games we are doing @ Beltania. On Wed I made 11in letter stencils using 12x12 pieces of very thin chipboard and the storybook cartridge for the cricut out at the Crop Stop . On Thursday I traced the letters on to the the green banner w/ a black sharpie. I then painted in the letters with white fabric paint. I also helped make a few NCCR flags for our camping "tribe".

  2. I laminated my caterpillar for work. Put together some "raindrop" suncatchers for the kids. Finished my circle journal Monday. And that's about it. Been feeling creative in coming up with ideas for projects at work, but haven't really put together much.

  3. Great crafting gals!

    Cole, coming up with ideas and tweaking them in your head is still part of being creative. I often think about projects for days before I actually sit down and do them. It gives me time to conceptualize what I want and how I'm going to do it.

  4. I have been very lost this month, craft-wise. Lucky for me, you gals are there when I need you to force craftiness upon me! =) Ash came up with these awesome matchbook notepads (see linky #2 above), and I have had Haikus on the brain, so I whipped up a little haiku cover and turned out 2 little books. now to think of words to fill them with!