Saturday, March 27, 2010

Weekly Check In : Week 4 of March

So what have you crazy beautiful ladies been up to this week?

Here's what we've been up to:

Deb is so excited, she mailed off her entries for the Paper Crafts Magazine "Stamping Royalty" contest on Tuesday! She also sent a card to the Taylored Expressions Dragonfly Card Project, and feels really good that one of her creations will be given to a family for whom it might offer some healing.

If you haven't visited Deb's blog, stop by and check out the fun things she has been working on for World Folk Tale and Fable Week!

Ash has been experimenting with some fun projects for her circle journal- let's see if we can talk her into blogging about it!

What about you?  Use the linky below to share with us what you've done this week, or leave us a comment.


  1. I have FINALLY started my wedding scrapbook! (6 1/2 years later...) So I went shopping for stickers and pens and even some rinestones. I'm pretty happy with the first page and am excited to really dig in.

    I also wrote up my instructions/rules for my cirlce journal. I would love some ideas, and am really hoping we can do a get together to share materials because other than stickers and fun sissors, I got nothin. :)

  2. I'll send you a message on Facebook Cole :) We can talk about the particulars of your book & what we can do to get you up to speed!

    We're not having an official meeting next month. We're going to the Armory Crop on the 11th instead.

  3. I have spent all last week working on my circle journal and brain storming ideas for Chad's grandparents 50th wedding anniversary cake!