Saturday, March 13, 2010

Weekly Check In : Week 2 of March

Time for the weekly check in, and to announce the winner from the "Think, Plan, Do" blog candy drawing!

And the winner is (drumroll, please):


Junedeer said...

I like to put on some good tunes that move me! Today while I was painting I listened to the Animatrix soundtrack and burned some patchouli leaves. I also clean up so I don't get space issues going on. I get what I need for the particular medium I'm working with, and then I jump in feet first and see where the colors take me. That is for my painting at least. I have never paper crafted so I'm trying to finish collecting a few things I need before I start. Rose will be helping me in that department tomorrow! :)

We will contact you with more information shortly.  Congratulations, and we hope to see what you create with your new bling!

And thank you to everyone else who participated!  It was a lot of fun to see the different ways people get ready to create!

Don't forget to submit your projects for this month's challenges for more chances to win!

So what have you crazy beautiful ladies been up to this week?

Here's what we've been up to:

Boho Rose: I seem to have had a creative-block kind of week. I did some freelance design this week. Other than that, I did do some planning for my circle journal and for a stamping demonstration. We did a card & an altered journal for the demonstration.

Crafty Saffy has been working hard on her Circle Journal*, a project the club decided to start last month.  She is very excited about her pages so far and is looking forward to seeing what everyone else does!

*To learn about Circle Journals, please visit the following sites:

Now it is your turn!  Do you have some exciting project you are dying to share?  Need ideas on what direction to take it?  Use the linky below to share with us what you're working on this week!


  1. I was super crafty last week! I did 2 paintings, moon tree, and take flight. I also made 2 paper flowers.. I know most have you have already seen all of this stuff but I will link them anyways! :D I also got a cork board and a dry erase board for my crafting nook!! I did some crafting this weekend with my mother in-law but I will save that for next week's check in!

    now to work on my Circle Journal! Only 16 more days to complete 6 more pages