Saturday, March 6, 2010

Weekly Check In : Week 1 of March

Hey all!
Crafty Saffy here, for this week's check-in!  Just wanting to share what I've been working on and see what you all have been up to!

I had a brilliant idea last week!  I have been looking all over for just the right way to store my embellishments, and finally I scored the perfect solutions.  As it ties in with Boho Rose's post about setting up a craft space, I wanted to share it with you!

I was wandering around my local Kmart, thinking craft/storage thoughts, and I looked up to realize I was on the fishing/tackle aisle.  Those little clearance tags just seem to jump out at me (I love a deal!) and I found some little round plastic storage containers with several individual compartments.  It is perfect for my variety of brads and faceted beads!

I was so excited, I bought the last 2 they had!  It keeps my different embellishments separate, and the compartments are easy to poke a finger in to get one out, or I can shake out a bunch at a time, without getting a handful of all different ones!

My luck continued as I wandered a few aisles over.  I have many fun and unique embellishments, but most are bigger than will fit in the little tackle box.  I wanted something with individual containers that I could pull to my project area one at a time, but some way to keep it secure with the rest of the embellishments.  On the kitchen accessories aisle I realized that their spice rack was just what I had been looking for!

Reasonably priced, I got 12 glass containers with plastic lids (the shaker tops just pop off) and a complete unit to store it all together.  It is just a bonus that the unit is black metal in a floral motif, which goes with a lot of my things!  It can sit on a counter or shelf, or I can put a screw in the wall to hold it out of the way, in case I run out of horizontal surfaces!

What unique storage do you use for your embellishments?  Leave us a comment to share your brilliant ideas!

We also want to know what projects you have been working on this week- upload them with the linky below to share!


  1. Well I don't have any images to share. This week I worked on the club blog & designed a new header for

    And I cut material for my sister's baby's quilt. I should be working on the quilt instead of goofing off online :D

  2. Hi Deb!
    Thanks for the invite to stop by.
    Great post. These are great ideas.

    And cool that you all set up a site!

    Paper Crafts Go-to-Gal

  3. I love the idea of using a spice rack. It puts everything in clear view and you can even hang it on the wall to provide extra room for counter/table space. It also gives you the option to just take a few items along with you to work on your project someplace new.