Sunday, March 7, 2010

Think, Plan, Do

Let's face it- you can't just craft anywhere.  If you sat down at Wendy's and pulled out your paper trimmer, scissors, glue runner, paper, and embellishments, you would not only get some odd looks from the other patrons, but probably get "the boot" from the establishment.

But more important than the astonished stares from those around you, and the question of cleanliness of the work surface, is the general atmosphere: does it inspire you to create?

In her post about Creating InspirationBoho Rose invited us into her spiritual preparations to summon the muses to her crafts; a relaxing bath, aromatherapy and music to set the tone.  While I don't go through such a thorough ritual, I do have my own technique of preparing to craft.

I follow a "think, plan, do" methodology that my Color Theory professor prescribed in college.  From a cleanup of the crafting area, to selecting supplies for the next project, down to the cutting and pasting of the project itself, this method clears my head and lets the creativity flow!


While I clean up and organize my craft area from whatever project I have left out, I also clean out my thoughts of anything non-craft related.  I let go of the day, work, my to-do list, bills, and anything else that can block my creativity.  I start to think about the project at hand.  Am I using a sketch or design scheme?  Do I have an event coming up that I need a card for?  Did I come across an adorable photo of my niece that needs to be scrapped?  I determine the project and think about the basics to get started.


Once my space (and head) is cleared, I can start planning my project.  I will look at the sketch or photo, and go through my supplies looking for ideal colors or patterns that will speak what I want my project to say.  If I am making something for a friend, I will focus on their taste and personality, and find suitable papers and embellishments.  Do they like bold colors and patterns?  Do their tastes run toward more simple designs?  And of course, do I have any new stamps or embellishments I really want to try?


Once I have supplies gathered I am ready to start experimenting and piecing together my project.  While it does not always come out as I envision it, this method keeps me focused and able to come up with fantastic cards and scrapbook pages I can be very proud of.

~ Crafty Saffy

So now it is your turn!  What rituals do you go through to get ready to craft?  Or do you just jump in, feet first and see what happens?  Do you keep your craft area clean and ready for the muses to drop in?  Do you have to listen to music?

For every 25 comments left here, I will give away one of the fishing tackle boxes full of fun bling and brads (that's right, I found more!) Only 1 entry per person, please.  You have until Friday, March 12 at 5 PM (Mountain Time) to submit your comments, then I will randomly select the winners and post them in Saturday's Check-in.


  1. I like to put on some good tunes that move me! Today while I was painting I listened to the Animatrix soundtrack and burned some patchouli leaves. I also clean up so I don't get space issues going on. I get what I need for the particular medium I'm working with, and then I jump in feet first and see where the colors take me. That is for my painting at least. I have never paper crafted so I'm trying to finish collecting a few things I need before I start. Rose will be helping me in that department tomorrow! :)

  2. Alright it all depends on which craft i'm obsessed with at the time. First I have to do a little cleaning which also doubles as a quick roundup of what I have and where everything is. Then I fire up Netflix face my tv towards the sewing table and proceed to make my house a mess again.

  3. I grab whatever yarn and hooks are near me, pop in a movie or turn on one of my favorite tv shows, and just let my hands go. Sometimes I will grab my "great book of patterns" and pick out one to work on, but often I just like to make it up as I go. I just like to play with what I know, try new things, and see what works best for my mood.

  4. I grab my IPOD so I have great tunes to listen to when I am in crafting mode. Probably look at a couple boooks on the topic -- and or ask some of my friends about their thoughts on what I am working on and get started! :)