Monday, March 15, 2010

Getting Back on the Horse & Setting Personal Deadlines

The biggest reason this blog was conceptualized and put into action was to create a community of crafters, who like us have problems staying motivated and keeping inspired and creating. Creating for me gives me a sense of personal fulfillment. It is the light at the end of my dreary day. Creating makes me a better person and therefore I am committed to continue creating.

This past week unfolded into a mess of chaos, drama and family obligations. In the midst of all that I didn't have enough time or energy to devote to creating as I would have liked. I missed a few personal goals, I even missed a few blog posts. In a way I feel I let myself down and let my readers down too ... the 3 of you that actually read ;) hehe ....

I spent my morning & afternoon sleeping the stress of last week away. Unlike most people Monday is my version of Sunday. I look forward to Monday mornings because the kids go to school & I have time for myself with no pending stress of work or obligations. When I finally woke I actually cleaned the house (which is like "hell froze over" kind of thing for me!). While cleaning I was trying to come up with ideas for this blog post. However, all I could think about was how bad I felt for missing deadlines & not being creative enough last week. I first lectured myself and then began to give myself a pep talk.

It dawned on me ... what better post to bring you this week than my own self-pep-talk. Plus I have nothing else to write about since I spent a lot of time lecturing myself!

Getting Back on the Horse

We all stumble. We have the best intentions and then get swept up in the whirl of life. Before we know it a few days have passed, a week has passed or even more. And all those things we'd planned to do for ourselves to give us a sense of purpose and fulfillment, all the things we wanted to do to enrich our lives .... we've forgotten about.

What's important though isn't that you keep at it all the time, never faltering ever persistent. What's important is that when you do have that moment when you feel like you've fallen then make the point to get back on the horse. Just like everything else in life sometimes we need a break even from the things we love the most. Sometimes that break is a conscious thing, but more often than not it's life throwing us curve balls.

So when you feel like you've fallen behind make a point to start again.

And how do we start again?

By Setting Personal Deadlines

I'm a go with the flow kind of gal. I don't live by routines or schedules. I'm like water. The problem with being like water is that I often overflow the banks of my river. I overbook myself, over extend myself, and wind up with too little time for myself.

The thing I've found that helps keep me focused is setting personal deadlines. Little goals that I can easily reach. My goals include things like: make 1 blog post a week, finish 1 large scale project a month, finish the swaps I signed up for, and do at least 1 crafty thing a week.

Your goals can be as simple as being creative once a week. This doesn't mean you have to do a project once a week, it doesn't even mean you have to create anything. Just make a concious effort to be creative. This can be as easy as designing your circle journal in your head (hint, hint!), it can be thinking about using challenge colors in a drawing, or even day dreaming about the paint colors in your house!

Set some easily attainable short terms goals for your crafty selves and see how great it feels to meet them!


  1. I'm lousy about setting goals. Always get sidetracked. I make notes about deadlines and big events on my calenders. Like for a while it was the Bon Jovi concert. Every time I had to force myself through something, I'd remind myself about the concert coming up. It was like my big reward for day-to-day life. I get through this and I get my reward. I do that with some crafts. I finish this project and I get to start on another.

  2. Like Rose, I used to bite off more than I could chew with commitments and deadlines, until I realized that I always felt worse letting others down in the end than just declining the project in the first place. Lately, though, I have wondered how much I have missed out on by bowing out and not even trying. I have been more excited about this craft club and the commitments I have made to the blog than I have been about anything in a very long time.

    I know that one thing that keeps me going is knowing that something good is coming from us sharing our love of creativity. I too go from one mini-goal to the next, and am often surprised to find that I have gone much further than I thought!