Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April Fools Challenge

To start with we're bringing you just one challenge this month. And you're even getting it a few hours early! So no complaining that you didn't have enough time! And since so many of you clubbies had problems with even doing last months challenges, why come up with 3! Bunch of slacker crafters we turned into last month! Let's see if we can't do better this month.

The point of the club is participation. So even if you're not crafting we'd still love to see comments from you! Even if it's "Aaaah! Life has steam rolled me over this week & I didn't have any time to do anything craft related!" At least you're are participating. And in return your fellow crazy crafters will be able to be supportive for you. So comment, comment, comment! Pretty please??

And without further ado ..... Your First Challenge For April!

Your prize for completing this challenge will be a 
$10 Joann's gift card!
As always use the gadget below to submit links to your pictures. Or if all else fails leave us a comment & a link!


  1. Oh I went and got my paper for this today! Joann's had their paper on sale 5 for $1

  2. Zebra, Cheetah, Cow, and Tiger prints? hmmmmm this could get ugly